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After 35 Years Convicted Rapist is Finally Captured March 31, 2013

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In 1978,in Northfolk County, Massachusetts, Gary Irving an 18-year-old was convicted of three counts of rape and kiddnapping. The judge at the time of the arraignment, sentenced Irving to jail but allowed him to go his parents house for the weekend to get his affairs in order and was never seen again. After 35 years on the run, Gary Irving was aressted on Wednesday night, who was found living in Gorham, Maine under the name Gregg Irving. Police found numerous kinds of guns in his household which he do not posse legally. Irving face has been on TV shows such as “America Most Wanted”, “Unsolved Mysteries”, and “Real Stories of the Highway Patrol” ever since he ran away in 1978.

Reading this story makes me fearful that there might be more convicts out on the run and living in society under everyone’s noses. We are suppose to trust that those working in the justice system are keeping the bad people off the streets, but when hearing a story like this makes me wonder how many mistakes like this one has happened before. I feel like a good PR campaign would to design some kind of task force where police officals are focused on finding convicted killers from unsolved cases or runaways, so that people know that the police just don’t give up after a few months.


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