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Would You Like HIV with Your Teeth Cleaning? March 30, 2013

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Health officials from the state department in Tulsa, Oklahoma are urging about 7,000 people who have visited the dentist office of Dr. Scott Harrington over the past six years to get tested for HIV and hepatitis. During the investigation of the practice the health department found the conditions at the office unsanitary and had sterilization infractions. During the investigation Dr. Scott Harrington surrendered his dental license. The practice had no logs for their drugs; one of the drugs that they found had expired in 1993. They hadn’t updated their morphine supply in years and most of their dental assistants don’t have their permits. Local clinics open its doors and will be open for 10 hours a day on a walk-in basis. The test results have been 50/50, meaning people have been tested positive for HIV and negatively.

This investigation is going to have everyone questioning their own dental office. I personally have never liked going to the dentist and now reading this article, how do I know that the dental office I go to is up code. The health departments are going to have to start making regular visits to all dentist offices to ensure the public that this situation will not happen again. Dentists all over the country are going to have to prove to their patients that they run a clean establishment through various PR campaigns. It’s going to be a while for people to trust their dentist and maybe people might even stop going in general.


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