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Bill Gates Looking for the Next Great Condom! March 27, 2013

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The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are offering $100,000 start grant to anyone who is able to invent a new generation of condoms that gives great pleasure and amazing protection. This new venture of Bill Gates is serious and purposeful way to combat the fight against AIDS, and condoms are the best way to prevent AIDS. The foundation’s goal is to get people who are not in a committed relationship to stop and think about using a condom before it is too late. This grant could lead to further funding up to $1 million. There are 34 million people in the world living with HIV and with a condom this number go down sufficiently, this grant might seem a joke to people but Bill and Melinda Gates realize that this is a real issue that still needs to be address every day for the well-being of all people. This is not the easiest project but when completed will do wonders!

From a PR perspective, I believe that this product will have a huge following. When people hear the name Bill Gates they associate him with sucess, innovation, creativty, and much more; so having Bill Gates’ money behind a new, great, and powerful condom will only intrigue customers to buy his brand of condoms. With Bill Gates behind a brand you know it is one people can trust to be amazing and the more people using condoms the better life can be!


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