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Students Aren’t the Only Ones Who Get inTrouble! March 7, 2013

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The Seattle school district is currently under investigation from the U.S. Department of Education for disciplining African-American students more harshly and more regularly than other races in the district. Seattle Parents and school administrators have been aware of this problem and are glad that it is being taken seriously. More than three times of African-American students are punished and suspended/expelled from schools, staring from elementary all the way to high school compared to white students, and Native American students are disciplined more than Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. This investigation began back in May 2012, but didn’t become public knowledge until Tuesday by KUOW radio. Seattle District Superintendent, Jose Banda realizes that the district has a real problem and is more than happy to cooperate with this investigation. District board member Marty McLaren is hoping with this investigation the “school to prison” line will be shut down and have a more constructive discipline be implementing that will help the students in the long run, more than hurting them.
Reading that Seattle school district is going under investigation for discipline discrimination doesn’t look towards perspective parents. No parent is going to want to send their children to a school where the school will punish their children more harshly than other just because of their skin color. Of course with this kind of issue the Seattle NAACP chapter will step in and speak their mind about the matter which will be even more bad publicity for the school district. The school district needs to emphasize the positive things that are going to occur from this investigation to let the public know that they are going to squash this problem and create a better outcome for all students.


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