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Gathering of a Community!! February 27, 2013

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On Saturday, Feb. 23, the Ellensburg community came together for the ground breaking of two new Habitat for Humanity homes. It was a great day for the Kittitas County Habitat for Humanity Executive Director, Sherri Ott, who received the land as donation from the city of Ellensburg. Land in Ellensburg has been hard to find and because of this their last two builds have been in Kittitas and Cle Elum. Ott is extremely excited to be building back in Ellensburg and grateful for the community’s support. The Hoover and Auckland families have been assigned to help build the new habitat houses. Both families are happy to have the opportunity and consider it a humble experience. More exciting news for Habitat Humanity is that they have partnered up with Bank of America to take bank-owned property and making and occupied house. This program will create new opportunities for Habitat Humanity and the families they serve.

It is great to see the Ellensburg community to come together to support the charitable work of those involved with Habitat for Humanity. Having habitat’s next build being in Ellensburg is uplifting to the local community, especially to the families who lost their homes in the Taylor Bridge fire last summer. This article shows how strong the Ellensburg community is when it comes to helping their fellow neighbor, no matter what disaster comes there way. The only thing I found wrong with this article is how this was the first time hearing about the event. If there were more press before, I could imagine a lot more people being at the ground breaking and possible more news affiliates would have been there too. I would use this story to be a follow up piece from the Taylor Bridge fire and send it out to news stations across Washington who reported daily on the fire last summer, to show that the community is tougher than ever and continuing to help those families.


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