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CWU Confess…Don’t!!! February 15, 2013

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Facebook has always been used for friends and family to keep connected, sharing pictures and message with each other. Seems pretty innocent but recently a student at Central Washington University has created a Facebook page called CWU Confessions. This page allows students to post anonymous confessions about themselves at Central but the confessions are nothing but bad. Each confession is a vulgar as the next; the page doesn’t exactly show the best side of the Central Washington University’s students. Central is not the only University to have a confession page, Western Washington University, Washington State University and out of states also have one. The admin posted on the wall saying that the University contacted them, stating that if they don’t take the site down the legal action will be pursued but no one was sure if this was true.
From a PR point of view this does not make central look good with all the drug abuse, sexual exploits, and other disturbing incidents. I think that Central should take action and get the confession page taken down and removed permanently from Facebook. It shows the school as a party school and many parents are on Facebook these days and might stumble upon the page and defer their children away from the school, which of course is not in Central’s best interest. Bad publicity is only going to turn people away from the school and for that Central should get this web page taken down any means possible. The page doesn’t reflect what the school is about and therefore shouldn’t have any association with it.


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