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Problems with Pinterest! February 4, 2013

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Millions of people love to use Pinterest, to pin their favorite things like food, workout tips, wedding ideas, and fashion. What makes this website so popular is that users can click the picture that there are interested in and be taken to the link that you can buy the product or get further information. While being taken to the link is convenient for people but it also seems to be the problem. Many users of Pinterest like to post their fashion style and wants onto their boards, but the problem is when others click on the link to find the piece of clothing it says the item is out of stock or doesn’t even take you to a website. The popular clothing brand H&M experiences this problem with Pinterest. In the last month H&M had 1,200 pins one of their dress and more than 2,700 pins of their shoes but the link said these items where out of stock. Curalate, Pinterest’s analytics firm found many other problems retailers are having the same problem and can’t believe the amount of money that they might actually be losing. Curalate says there is an easy fix to this problem, to either have the retailer leave up the page even if the product is out of site so that users don’t think something is wrong with the page or offer coupons to people to get them to buy another product for a percentage off.

As an avid user of Pinterest I gave constantly run into this problem, I get excited to go and possibly purchase the product only to be taken to a webpage that doesn’t work or the item be out of stock. I think offering a coupon for other products on the site is a good idea this way people will be more inclined to buy something else and the retailer doesn’t lose a customer just because they don’t have the item they want. This idea could make Pinterest even more popular not only in the fashion category but all the other ones as well. I’m excited to what changes Pinterest will create in the near future.


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