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Vine App creating a new way for marketing on Tiwtter! January 28, 2013

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There is a new app on Twitter where companies can publish six second interchanging video up onto their twitter’s. The app that only took five minutes to create is called the Vine app. Even though this app has created tremendous buzz not only from companies such as Red Vine and Al-Monitor who already have uploaded videos themselves, but there is also great concern from co-creator Mike Kelly if it is even going to be successful. One of his main concerns is that the younger generation is not into twitter like they used to be. Now that parents are on Facebook and Twitter, generation Y is looking for different places for their social media, such as Tumblr, but having the Vine app on your Twitter gives it a Tumblr feel to it. As of right now this is one hot ticket number in the world of branding and only time will tell if it is truly a success, is the tone that I’m getting from the author.

Reading this article I just started imaging all the companies I would love to see participating in this new app. This is a quicker way for the producer to reach the consumer which I’m sure will turn a quick profit. It is crazy to know that this app only took five minutes to create, that makes me fell that I could great a popular app one day. I’m very excited to see my favorite products display new items though these video tweets because it will be fast and easy to find. Even though the creator, Mike Kelly is concerned about it being that popular I think that is going to big in social media world. I would even you this app to send personal messages to my friends! I’m excited to see what things come from this new app.



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