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Tour de Scandal!! January 21, 2013

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So by now many of you have probably already heard about Lance Armstrong’s use of performance drugs during his bicycling career through a confession/apology on the Oprah Show, but it seems he didn’t confess under the right contex. In an article that I found on PR Week, the writer John Owens reports that Armstrong is sorry, but only talked to Oprah and the press as a “necessary” PR move.  Owen reports that Armstrong denies himself as the “biggest doping scandal” and states that it was more to even the playing field against the other cyclist. Because of this scandal, cyclist and their sponsors will all be in talks to see if there are others just like Armstrong.

Prior to reading this article I knew that Armstrong only came out with an confession because he had already been discovered and decided to try and get it out first, so it can seem like a real apology. I honestly think that Armstrong is only sorry that he got caught because he was cycling for more than seven years and didn’t confess anything within that time. This scandal also makes me wonder how many other professional cyclist out there are taking performance enhancing drugs. If there are, I’m sure they will sought out after now.

Is there a sport out there that people don’t use performance enhancing drugs? Next thing you know the world champion bowler will confess to using drugs.

Where to find the article:


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